Yville sur Seine gravel pit

GPMR's environmental experimentation: "piles in the holes"
- Direction territoriale de Rouen

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To meet two major objectives of the Port of Rouen - the management of dredging sediments to maintain the depth of the navigation channel and the management of natural areas - more than 10 years ago, the GPMR launched an innovative experiment, in partnership with the Boucles de la Seine Normande Regional Natural Park, the Normandy Quarries and Gravel Pits Company, the municipality of Yville-sur-Seine, the Water Agency and State services, on the filling of a gravel pit (quarry under water), created by quarry operations, with dredging sediment. This operation made it possible to recreate a wet meadow in the commune of Yville-sur-Seine - now maintained by two Camargue horses, Bécassine and Sarcelle - a wetland area of tall grass and a shallow water body. A scientific monitoring programme has been set up with the support of government departments and experts.

The pilot operation in Yville sur Seine involving the experimental backfilling of a gravel pit with dredging sediments was the subject of a seminar to present the main results of the scientific monitoring on 23 May 2013. This event, which brought together more than a hundred people, was rich and dense in information, exchanges and discussions demonstrating all the interest shown in this innovative sediment management method.
The published proceedings of the seminar cover all the exchanges that took place throughout the day.
Backfilling a gravel pit, a pilot project in Yville-sur-Seine