Water and sanitation

- Direction territoriale de Rouen

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The Port of Rouen is committed, as part of its environmental policy, to a policy of controlling the discharge of port activities into the water to help improve the quality of water bodies. One of the actions announced concerns the development of a Master Sanitation Plan (MSP) including a diagnosis of sanitation networks (rainwater, wastewater) and a short, medium and long-term action plan.

In 2011, the Port of Rouen launched a Master Sanitation Plan (MSP) for the port sector of Rouen - La Bouille (right bank and left bank). Given the size of the port's territory and the concentration of issues related to the industry-remediation interface at the upstream port level, the study deals only with this sector. It includes a diagnosis of wastewater and stormwater treatment networks and proposals for actions or works prioritized according to environmental issues and regulatory requirements to improve the collection and discharge system, reduce parasitic inputs and bring discharges into compliance with the regulations.

The MSP aims to set the fundamental orientations of the developments to be carried out, in the short, medium and long term, in order to improve the knowledge, quality, reliability and capacity of the sanitation system in the port area.

The MSP was finalized in 2018. A multi-year action plan is being defined based on the MSP’s proposals for actions or works, taking into account regulatory obligations, issues identified and dedicated financial resources.

This action plan must allow the sanitation network to gradually comply with the regulations.