Management of natural areas

HAROPA - Port of Rouen manages a vast territory from Rouen to the sea and carries out numerous management actions on its natural spaces, either directly (internal port services) or through partnerships with associations or stakeholders
- Port de Rouen

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HAROPA - Port of Rouen works in collaboration with the Maison de l'Estuaire, manager of the Natural Reserve for the implementation of the Natural Reserve Management Plan and has signed a partnership agreement with the Maison de l'Estuaire including a financial contribution.

It develops ecological management plans and management actions on the sites it has restored or on those identified as outstanding.

The Port is also developing eco-grazing practices in various natural areas under its management, in particular in conjunction with breeders or associations. Extensive grazing is indeed a tool for the biological management of wetlands and makes it possible to ensure the maintenance of natural habitats while promoting biodiversity


  • In 2018, 64% of the natural areas managed by HAROPA - Port of Rouen are ecologically managed.

Management of the Estuary Natural Reserve

55% of the natural areas managed by HAROPA-Port of Rouen, i.e. approximately 1,500 ha, are located in the Seine Estuary Natural Reserve. Haropa - Port of Rouen contributes to the management of this Reserve.


Eco-grazing is a way of managing natural areas developed by HAROPA - PORT OF ROUEN on its territory.