The fight against invasive alien species

Invasive alien species are recognized as one of the main causes of biodiversity loss. The impacts they generate are a growing concern for managers of natural areas, whether they are ecological, economic or health impacts.
- Port de Rouen

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As a manager of natural areas, HAROPA - Port of Rouen is directly concerned by this issue. No less than 21 known invasive alien species have been identified in the port's territory, the most represented of which are summer lilac, Japanese Knotweed, narrow-leaved ragwort and jewelweed.

Not all species have the same degree of impact on their environment and their method of spread also varies. Their means of control therefore vary from one species to another.

Among the most difficult species to control, the Port is faced with Japanese knotweed, found on several sites managed by the Port and in Jussie.

To combat invasive alien species, the Port has developed a partnership with a professional integration association.