Ecological restoration of the Marais de l'Aulnay in Grand-Couronne

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The Marais de l'Aulnay is a wetland zone covering an area of about 4 ha, located in the commune of Grand-Couronne, on the left bank of the Seine, within the Rouen Vallée de Seine Logistique (RVSL) port area. The site is characterized by three main types of habitats: a reedbed, a dry willow grove and a shrubland (low grassy fallow land with some shrubs).

As part of its restoration and the development of its management plan, the Marais de l'Aulnay was the subject of a diagnosis in 2004-2005, including a study of the hydrogeological characteristics and hydraulic functioning of the area.

The major interest of the site is linked to the presence of the Natterjack toad (Bufo calamita), a rare and pioneering amphibian species.

In 2009, an educational trail and eight information and awareness panels were created, as well as an educational kit for school groups.

The discovery tour

Follow step by step NatterJack the Toad over a landscaped route of about 1 km. You will discover the originality and richness of this real green interlude at the gateway to the city.
A reception point presents the route and the 8 stations that allow you to better understand the history of the site, its evolution, its functioning, and its animal and plant populations. The Natterjack toad, willows, spotted woodpecker, warblers, cattails, orchids, reeds etc will hold no more secrets for you.

The educational kit

Intended for groups of children aged 8 to 14 years old from educational (schools, colleges) or leisure establishments accompanied by their teachers, the educational kit allows them to discover the Marais de l'Aulnay site independently.
The kit, available from the Environment Department of Grand-Couronne City Hall, includes instruction sheets, animation materials, educational sheets and equipment (containers, mats, landing nets, catch boxes, magnifiers, MP3 players, boards, pencils etc).

The leaflet

A synthetic presentation of the Marais de l'Aulnay and the landscaped path guides visitors along the route and helps them understand how the marsh works. The leaflet is available from the town hall of Grand-Couronne and the Port of Rouen.

Practical information

The path is easy to use but the presence of water requires the greatest vigilance, and may require good footwear (boots).
If you have any questions, please contact us:
- HAROPA Environment Department - Port of Rouen
- the environment department of the city of Grand-Couronne at