Creation of wetlands in Honfleur

- Direction territoriale de Rouen

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The Port of Rouen has recreated permanent pools and wet depressions suitable for the introduction of amphibians in the Honfleur alluvial plain. These compensatory measures for the transit facility for dredging sediments at Honfleur were carried out in advance to encourage the recolonization of the site by fauna and flora species.

The wetlands have been designed with variable slope perimeters, including micro-cliffs (steep slope edges) to diversify natural habitats: micro-cliffs favourable to the introduction of the bank swallow, dry to wetland mosaics with variable slopes favourable to plants and insects, ponds and wet depressions favourable to amphibians.

The monitoring carried out has shown the presence of five amphibian species, observed in the new large compensatory pond. The Montpellier polypogon (a regionally protected plant) established itself spontaneously and spread in two depressions.


Création de zones humides à Honfleur

Creation of wetlands in Honfleur