Corporate Travel Plan (CTP)

As part of its environmental policy, in 2014, HAROPA PORT I ROUEN launched its Corporate Travel Plan (CTP).
- Direction territoriale de Rouen

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The objective of this approach is to optimize and improve the quality of the trips generated by the port, by reducing car traffic, developing alternative or shared solutions and acting on parking. It resulted in the implementation of an action plan validated in 2015.

  • The main objectives of this action plan are to:
  • set up internal governance of the CTP and sign the support agreement with the Metropolis;
  • encourage the use of public transport modes;
  • promote active modes;
  • support and develop the practice of carpooling;
  • manage the fleet of service cars;
  • bring work organization closer to mobility constraints;
  • organize event and communication actions.

Among the actions implemented, the Port of Rouen has notably developed:

  • a bicycle service offer at the Port's headquarters and the provision of a fleet of electrically assisted bicycles for staff for business travel;
  • the development of a car fleet management plan with the objective of reducing the fleet's footprint by at least 85 tonnes of CO2 per year over the next decade. A provisional programme for future acquisitions of electric vehicles has been put in place to gradually replace part of the current fleet. The Port purchased its first electric vehicle in 2014. This approach is supported by the installation of terminals on the car parks of the Port of Rouen;
  • videoconferencing and the implementation of a teleworking system for employees who request it.


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