Borne & Eau, electric power supply for inland waterway freight vessels

A first network of Borne&Eau electricity and water supply terminals is now operational on the Seine axis.
- Port de Rouen

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The objective of this approach is to set up, throughout the Seine axis, a harmonized and interoperable system of power supply terminals for inland waterway vessels carrying goods in port or on standby, replacing the generators currently used on board and necessary for the operation of domestic and safety equipment.
This action thus aims to deploy on the territory of HAROPA - Port of Rouen, 10 terminals between Rouen and Honfleur. The first electrical connection terminals for boatmen were installed at Quai des Remorqueurs in July 2018.

In concrete terms, users connect with an ID to a terminal that provides them with electricity and water. This "interoperable" system provides its users with between 40% and 60% savings compared to the operating cost of a generator set.

Managed by the ports of the Seine axis and their partner VNF (Voies Navigables de France), the project was supported by the State and ADEME. The terminals were designed by the Rouen-based company SGA Mobility.


Borne électrique sur le port de Rouen