Strengthen the environmental quality of the development and operation of ports

Guarantee the daily development and operation of ports respectful of their environment.
- Ports de Paris

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Port teams regularly monitor the operating conditions of port facilities and leased spaces for customers. Architectural and landscape specifications or operating charters are reference documents intended for businesses. They undertake to respect the consistency of the facilities in the port area (quality of the building, signage, lighting plan, etc.) to allow better integration of the ports into their environment.

Charte d’Amélioration des Ports (CAP)

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The Port Improvement Charter is a process of progress which concerns both industrial ports and entertainment and leisure ports.
As part of this Charter, Ports of Paris, companies in the construction and public works sectors (UNICEM, Point P, Raboni founding members) and recoverable products (FNADE, FEDEREC) as well as the City of Paris, undertake to:
- Foster better urban, architectural and landscape integration of sites and facilities;
- Control their societal and environmental impacts;
- Facilitate dialogue with all stakeholders.
The installations of companies engaged in this virtuous approach are subject to annual audits carried out by an independent body.
In the entertainment and leisure ports, local usage charters are implemented so that companies comply with a certain number of rules in terms of cleanliness, hygiene and noise around the facilities (bars- restaurants in particular).
A veritable melting pot of reflection, expertise and the exchange of good practices, CAP makes it possible to identify and implement innovative and exemplary actions promoting mixed use, the aesthetics of buildings and their surroundings, cleanliness and preservation of the environment and the living environment.

Green Building Charter, a voluntary approach to reducing nuisance
As part of development and maintenance operations at our ports, Ports of Paris is committed and commits the actors present on the port to limit and control the nuisances and risks generated by the yards. The provisions are as follows:

4 engagements pour des chantiers à faibles nuisances

Charte chantiers verts