The SER policy

HAROPA - Ports de Paris, as a public service company and with regard to its missions, considers the SER (Social and Environmental Responsibility) axis as essential, mainly covering respect for ethics, exemplarity in internal operations (in particular in the management of its human resources), environmental protection, local development and social cohesion (consultation, activities of general interest).
- Ports de Paris

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 The priority axes for SER are:
 > As part of its mission to develop alternative modes of transport to road, encourage improvements in the environmental performance of the inland waterway fleet and improve the environmental quality of port services.
 > Control the environmental impacts and risks of ports, particularly in the areas of water, biodiversity and energy transition, to improve the environmental quality of port development and operations, and provide guarantees to our stakeholders.
 > Develop and maintain social cohesion by strengthening dialogue with the territories and support for activities of general interest.
 > Contribute to the local economy of the territories, the emergence of new sectors and develop services to port customers and users.
 > Be exemplary in our internal operations by ensuring compliance with ethical rules, ethics and transparency in our practices, as a public player and as an employer.