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Port of Javel-bas

Redevelopment of the port of Javel-Bas
- Direction territoriale de Paris

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Point.P inaugure sa nouvelle agence du Quai de Javel (23 mai 2019)

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Fin de la première phase travaux de réaménagement du Port de Javel Bas (novembre 2018)

HAROPA - Ports de Paris a convié, les associations de riverains, le 30 novembre 2018, afin de leur présenter lors d’une visite commentée, les premiers aménagements réalisés à ce stade : en particulier la rampe d'accès depuis le pont Mirabeau, les promenades en fond de quai et en bord à quai, les nouveaux bâtiments de Point P, le passage et la placette Cauchy et les voies de circulation.


The site

Located on the left bank of the Seine, in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, the Port of Javel-Bas is located at the heart of an exceptional Parisian landscape, at the entrance to the city, with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Its upstream area is between the Mirabeau Bridge, the capital's major cultural and architectural reference, and André Citroën Park.
 This port currently hosts several industrial activities that make it a strategic economic site for the city and the borough.

The redevelopment project for the port of Javel-Bas

The Ports de Paris project is based on the sharing of uses (industrial activities / public access) over time. It consists in preserving and strengthening the economic activity specific to the port, while offering a living space and promenade to the general public, thanks to the creation of qualitative, functional facilities. In continuity with the improvements already made, this requalification will make it possible to welcome all users - walkers, cyclists, joggers - in complete safety, at appropriate times. The pedestrian routes will be clarified, and the path from the platform bottom to the edge of the RER will be redesigned.
 The agency sa-paysage carried out the development study of the port of Javel Bas, including the development plan and the specifications.

The objectives of the project

Reaffirm the architectural and landscape quality of the site
 The site will be upgraded by modernizing equipment, improving the physical condition, quality materials and sharing space over time. A harmonious silhouette between buildings and vegetation will be defined. The views from the opposite bank, the high platform and RER C will be enhanced and the view of the Mirabeau Bridge, a listed historical monument, will be freed up. The green spaces will be reinforced with the creation of a meadow at the bottom of the wharf aligned with the trees; the creation of downstream planters and the establishment of additional shrublands.

Requalify access between the port and the city
The port must be reintegrated into urban life. The image of the entrance to the city will be re-qualified and the functioning of port activities and river transport highlighted. The Cauchy Passage (RER C) will be redeveloped and an access ramp created.

Create a shared space
 The redevelopment of the Port of Javel-Bas will above all have to reconcile the various constraints of use linked to port activities with the desire to develop a qualitative, functional shared space, welcoming other types of users (walkers, cyclists, joggers, etc), while guaranteeing the safety of all.

Bringing continuity to the promenade of the Seine quays
Ports de Paris aims to enhance access to soft modes and create continuous walking spaces along the banks of the Seine.
The redevelopment actions of the Port of Javel-Bas

The following are the developments proposed as part of the redevelopment of the Port of Javel-Bas:

1- A landscaped walkway:
• elimination of all parking outside the operating areas of industrial customer companies,
• creation of a 500-metre-plus shoreline promenade for pedestrians,
• enhancement of the promenade at the bottom of the quay, from André Citroën Park to the Mirabeau Bridge ramp,
• development of a continuation in the Promenade des Quais de Seine.

2- Plot layouts:
• creation of pleasure zones to regulate industrial occupation,
• opening of the view on the Mirabeau Bridge.

3- Shared use dock:
• reinforcement of the structure of the transhipment quay open to companies not present in the port and wishing to engage in inland waterway transport.

4- RER C underpass (Cauchy Passage):
• resumption of the quay floor covering,
• illumination by recessed floor lighting,
• creation of a large staircase with a PMR access ramp,
• creation of a plot at its outlet on the quayside.

5- New functional and scenic lighting:
• to ensure the lighting of the routes,
• to magnify the site from outside viewpoints.

6- Company areas:
• complete reconfiguration of industrial installations (projects led by Lafarge and Point P, not subject to consultation).

The budget

4 million euros excluding VAT are invested by Ports de Paris in this operation.

The schedule

Duration of the work: estimated at 18 months.
September 2015: start of work on the Ports de Paris.
End of 2016: opening of the developed port to the public.
End of the first phase of the redevelopment work on the Port of Javel Bas

HAROPA - Ports de Paris invited the local residents' associations on 30 November 2018 for a presentation during a guided visit of the first developments carried out at this stage: in particular, the access ramp from the Mirabeau Bridge, the promenades at the bottom of the quay and alongside the quay, the new Point P buildings, the Cauchy passage and plot and the traffic lanes.

Concertation sur le projet de réaménagement (septembre 2014)

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