Port of Gennevilliers

With its 400 hectares and 270 farming companies, the Port of Gennevilliers handles an annual transit of 20 million tonnes of goods, including 5 million tonnes of river traffic in bulk or containerized form.
- Direction territoriale de Paris

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Ideally positioned and served, the port of Gennevilliers (Hauts-de-Seine) is the main multimodal platform in Ile-de-France.

The port of Gennevilliers in figures

> 401 hectares (272 ha for the establishment of companies, 51 ha of water bodies, 78 ha of developed public spaces), 510,000 m² of buildings (warehouses, industries, offices and miscellaneous including 1/3 owned by the Port)
 > 5 modes of transport and a combined transport centre
 > More than 20 million tonnes of traffic in all modes combined
 > 275 leading companies
 > More than 8,000 direct jobs
 > Construction 
 > Metallurgy
 > Agri-food
 > Environment and recoverable products
 > Energy products
 > Automobiles
 > Logistics and containers

The advantages of the site

In addition to the services related to the activity, the Port of Gennevilliers offers additional services to the company:
 > customs, post office, police, security
 > handler,
 > rental of vehicles, various types of public works equipment, coaches,
 > truck filling station,
 > public quays
 Since 2005, a business incubator dedicated to the transport, logistics, international trade and e-commerce sectors has been opened.
 Numerous personal services are also available:
 > hotels
 > seminar and conference rooms
 > "port buses", RATP shuttles providing on-demand final-destination service to companies from public transport approach points in peak and off-peak hours
 > two training centres, including AFT-IFTIM (forklift truck operators, crane operators, truck permits and public transport)
 > equipment rental
 > customs 
 > CNG station

A dynamic environment


LThe port of Gennevilliers (Hauts-de-Seine) is the leading port platform in Ile-de-France in terms of area and activity. It combines all modes of transport: river, sea-river, rail, oil pipeline and road. More than 270 companies from a wide variety of sectors have already chosen it for its exceptional service at the gateway to Paris.
 The port integrates the first regional container centre (operated by Paris Terminal on 14 hectares with a rail/road/river connection). This terminal is currently in the process of doubling its surface area: it handles more than 370,000 TEUs (including 120,000 in the river), a capacity that will soon be increased to 450,000 TEUs.
 Thanks to the various river operators, Gennevilliers enjoys a regular, optimal service for containers by river between Paris and Le Havre. Rail services and connections are also provided in eastern and southern France.
 The port community of Gennevilliers, an association under the law of 1901, created in February 2011, aims to bring together all the companies, whatever their size or sector of activity, present on the port. For more information: www.communauteportuairegennevilliers.fr

Service by 5 modes of transport

All land transport modes converge on the multimodal platform in Gennevilliers.
 > River: by self-propelled craft or barges, in convoys of up to 5,000 tonnes on the downstream Seine and 3,000 tonnes upstream of Paris and on the Oise, this mode is mainly used for heavy goods, cereals, as well as containers (132,998 E.V.P. containers in 2011). The port of Le Havre is 30 hours from the port of Gennevilliers, and Rouen 20 hours. In 2012, 3.8 Mt were transported from or to the port of Gennevilliers by this mode (+4%).
 > Maritime: per vessel of up to 2,500 deadweight tonnes.  
 > Railways: by the Paris-Nord network by block trains (construction materials, coal...) or diffuse. That is, traffic of about 725,000t in 2017
 > Oil pipelines: the port of Gennevilliers is an arrival point for oil pipelines from the Lower Seine and a connection point with the ring road networks around Paris. Each year, approximately 1.8 million tonnes of hydrocarbons are transported to the port of Gennevilliers by this mode and delivered to the Paris region from the oil depots located at the port (15% of Ile-de-France consumption). TRAPIL, network operator. Depots: Total France, SOGEPP.
 > Road: a main motorway interchange connects the port's road network directly to the A86 motorways that run alongside and the A15 that crosses the port, and to the A1, A14 and A13 motorways.
 >     A combined transport centre: over more than 14 hectares, Paris Terminal S.A. operates a trimodal container centre.

Discovering the port

Each year, Ports de Paris establishes a programme of river cruises on the port of Gennevilliers for the general public and schoolchildren.
The dates for the visits are as follows:
 Thursday 28 March - 2.30 pm
 Friday 12 April - 2.30 pm
 Friday 17 May - 2.30 pm
 Saturday 14 September (Heritage Days) - 2.30 & 4.30 pm - free cruises
 Saturday 19 October - 2.30 pm
 Thursday 7 November - 2.30 pm

Reservations are made through OTSI
 Tariff: €7/adult
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