The port acts for the territories

Beyond its action in favor of river transport, HAROPA - Ports of Paris concentrates its investments on territorial development, by the creation of logistic hubs vectors of jobs but also of urban ports open on the city.
- Direction territoriale de Paris

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Strengthen the attractiveness and competitiveness of the regions

Ports de Paris actively participates in the sustainable development of territories.
Location, multimodal services, infrastructure (wharves, booms, docks ...), heritage (warehouses, business premises, offices ...), or even services (security, maintenance ...): the Port offers companies in the logistics sectors, eco-industries and tourism, an ecosystem favorable to their establishment and the development of their activities.
Closer to the ground, the Port promotes synergies by the emergence of real industrial clusters and a circular economy, relocated and creating jobs thanks to the proximity of client companies. On the Bonneuil-sur-Marne platform, employment meetings organized in partnership with Pôle Emploi and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry thus promote social integration as close as possible to the field.
Develop and maintain social ties by strengthening dialogue and support for activities of general interest

To maintain economic and industrial activity in the urban fabric, HAROPA - Ports of Paris designs ports open to the city, respectful of their environment and committed to a process of continuous improvement based on dialogue with the territory.
A concerted action program

At the scale of the Paris Ports network, the Ile-de-France Port Services Scheme translates the main orientations of the port's strategic project into an action plan by ports and by sectors. It is consulted with all the stakeholders.
On the scale of the main platforms, Planning and Sustainable Development Schemes - SADD or SODD are also developed in concert with all of the port's stakeholders (businesses, residents, communities). They aim to guarantee quality urban integration, ecological development of the banks of the Seine, the creation of green spaces and exemplary management of water resources.
Enrich port projects as part of an active dialogue with stakeholders

Port teams regularly monitor the operating conditions of port facilities and leased spaces for customers. Architectural and landscape specifications or operating charters are reference documents intended for businesses. They undertake to respect the consistency of the facilities in the port area (quality of the building, signage, lighting plan, etc.) to allow better integration of the ports into their environment.
These different documents are made public within the framework of permanent consultation bodies for the 3 Ile-de-France port platforms which bring together local stakeholders (residents, associations, businesses, institutions. Objective: to define and implement concrete actions to improve integration of the port in its environment. In addition to being a place of information and exchanges on the life of the port and on the follow-up of its environmental impact, this body defines the partnership work to initiate and orchestrates the whole process consultation.
Through a practice of concertation which is continuously enriched, Ports de Paris structures its action internally to integrate territorial dialogue in projects as well as possible. In addition to regulatory consultations framed by law, the Port undertakes voluntary dialogues on its development projects, convinced that they contribute to improving their content.
In 2018, Ports de Paris gathered more than 30 exchange times.