Environmental trophy for the river fleet

The Ile-de-France-wide environmental trophy for the river fleet is intended to reward the most environmentally efficient freight and passenger vessels.
- Ports de Paris

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An audit to assess environmental performance

The River Fleet Trophy, offered by HAROPA - Ports de Paris in partnership with the Committee of French River and Waterway Shipowners, offers four categories of boats the opportunity to be rewarded :
- Freight boat (single boat)
- Freight boat (belonging to a fleet)
- Boat trip
- Boat with catering and/or accommodation
This trophy is based on the ESI (Environmental Ship Index) approach, deployed in HAROPA's seaports since 2012, which encourages shipowners to reduce air pollutant emissions from their ships.
The boats competing for the river fleet trophy are audited according to a grid that includes the following themes :
- Preservation of air quality, energy savings and greenhouse gas emissions,
- Protection of the aquatic environment,
- Waste management,
- The fight against light and noise pollution,
- Environmental management, in particular obtaining the ISO 14001 standard.
The audit, the cost of which is covered by HAROPA - Ports de Paris, enables boat owners and companies to improve their knowledge of their boats and benefit from recommendations to improve their environmental performance.

The winners of the 2nd edition

1st prize freight boat (single boat)
- The winner is the "Borneo" owned by SFT Fouquier SARL
This cargo boat, built in 1966, was equipped with a nozzle in 2016, reducing fuel consumption by more than 10%. The lighting has been gradually replaced by LEDs, waste is well managed, and the boat is connected to the shore power grid when it is docked.

1st prize boat trip
- The winner is the boat "Jeanne Moreau" from the company Bateaux Parisiens
This trimaran, inaugurated in 1995 and renovated in 2014-2015, is equipped with hybrid diesel-electric engines, recovers heat from the engines for heating in winter, uses LED lighting, and has sound insulation of the entire hold.

1st prize boat with catering and/or accommodation
- The winner is the "Diamond" boat from the company Bateaux Parisiens
 This cruise ship with catering, inaugurated in 2002 and refurbished in 2011, is equipped with 4 hybrid diesel-electric engines. The energy management system was completely overhauled in 2017. The boat is connected to the shore power grid as soon as it is docked.

Special Innovation Award
- The winner is the boat "Ducasse sur Seine", otherwise known as River Création 1, owned by SAS Armateur River Création.
This new cruise ship with catering for 200 passengers, inaugurated in September 2018, designed, financed and built by the Seine Valley port ecosystem, is the first 100% electric boat of this size allowing: in dense urban areas, CO2 per passenger of 12 g/km versus 146 g/km for restaurant boats with diesel electric or thermal engines; silent, vibration-free, odourless navigation for a new generation of experience, gastronomy and hospitality on the water in Paris (www.ducasse-seine.com).

Special SER Prize (social and environmental responsibility)
- The winner is the "Les Deux Brigands" boat from the Association Marché sur l'Eau.
 This boat is designed to transport fruit and vegetables over short circuits. Unsold items are bought by restaurants in the Villette basin. The waste is composted. The boat, renovated in 2018, has an electric motor powered by photovoltaic panels installed on the roof.
Winners of the 2nd edition of the River Fleet Trophy

Launch of the 3rd edition of the River Fleet Trophy

To support and encourage the improvement of the environmental performance of boats, HAROPA - Ports de Paris is organizing the 3rd Environmental River Fleet Trophy.
See additional information to participate below.