Le Havre Multimodal Terminal

HAROPA's multimodal terminal at Le Havre - one of the largest in Europe - meets the key criteria of today's logistics.
A real industrial massification tool, located at the epicentre of maritime and continental flows, it helps increase competitiveness by making the transport of goods more fluid and creating added value for logistics chains.
- Ports de Haropa

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An efficient and fast trimodal platform, the terminal is designed to meet European distribution needs. 

Key figures for multimodal terminal activity:

  • 160,000 TEUs handled in 2018
  • 1,800 to 2,000 containers processed/week (potential 2,500)
  • 6 days of free parking
  • 6 rail shuttles per day between the maritime terminals and the multimodal terminal (regular, scheduled, flexible shuttles: 27 to 36 cars)
  • 50% of full containers are exported via LHTE on D0 and nearly 90% on D+1

Terminal features:

  • 65 hectares
  • Handling capacity of 250,000 TEU/year
  • Handling of all types of containers: dry, isotank, non-connected reefer
  • 400 metres of river quay: 2 berths/2 gantries - capacity 65t
  • Rail yard: 10 tracks (810 metres) / 2 handling cranes - capacity 50t
  • 6-track catenary railway receiver harness
  • 20 reefer connections
  • Near the A29/A13 motorways and at the foot of the Pont de Normandie
  • Site secured by fence and video surveillance
  • Connected to all logistics traceability tools:


Specific services:

  • Possible transit of Dangerous Goods except classes 1, 7 and 2.3 (Chlorine)
  • Rail switching
  • Handling of swap bodies
  • Storage area (empty and full containers)
  • Thermal treatment of containerized logs + on-site phytosanitary treatment

Under project around the container:


  • Management of empty containers (buffer stock)
  • Washing area
  • Partnership with service providers for repair and preparation of reefer/dry

Customs and SOGET: partners of the Multimodal Terminal and accelerators of your flows

  • Customs operations can be carried out either on the maritime terminal, during transfer or on the multimodal terminal
  • Site with IST customs status
  • Customs inspection area
  • AEO accreditation

Rail and waterway services (to September 2018): 


  • 4 rail operators Naviland Cargo, Greenmodal, Ferovergne and Novatrans = 730 trains per year to Valenton, Vierzon, Lyon, Bordeaux and Ludwigshafen
  • 3 river operators: Logiseine, Greenmodal and Bolloré with services along the entire Seine axis

Site internet LHTE :



Video report on the multimodal terminal