Port fluidity

The HAROPA Smart Corridor is the largest port complex in France. To facilitate the passage of goods, HAROPA relies on the development of intelligent data management tools to make itself more attractive, transform logistics chains, and make international freight transport more fluid and secure.
- Direction territoriale du Havre

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HAROPA Smart Corridor: an attractive ecosystem for optimized flow management

  • Uncongested port
  • Accessible 24/7 to all mega-container ships without tidal constraints
  • A first-rate international maritime offer
  • A major maritime hub in Europe with a competitive and sustainable logistics system: 1st logistics hub in France, warehouses of all sizes (small modules to XXL) connected to all modes of transport 
  • A network of modern and fluid river, rail and road infrastructures for an efficient and ecological service to the hinterland
  • A multimodal terminal dedicated to the massification of flows and the rapid movement of goods

The HAROPA Smart Corridor: a new universal digital port system

The 1st French port complex is equipped with the 4th generation of Port Community System, S)One, developed by SOGET, which allows for totally dematerialized documentary processing of goods. This new digital community solution, interconnected and developed with all supply chain actors, brings HAROPA and its partners into the maritime world of tomorrow for optimized flow management, increasing fluidity and traceability.

SOGET and Customs: HAROPA partners, facilitating the passage of goods

SOGET and Customs, partners in initial stages of digital and logistics experimentation, are creating ecosystems of common practices and interests, a source of growth and innovation, for a more attractive, competitive, intelligent port system at the service of its customers.

A high-performance, dynamic Smart Corridor

Every year since 2014, HAROPA and the port communities of Le Havre and Rouen have been publishing performance indicators.  A true collaborative work by all players working to facilitate the transit of goods, this publication aims at collective competitiveness and increased attractiveness.

Grouped into 4 main families - shipping performances, performances for goods in transit (road, rail and river modes), on-shore performances and customs and health performances, these indicators meet the needs of professionals and customers in the international supply chain.


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