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The Seine Axis, a hub of logistics expertise, the solution to all your projects

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HAROPA, the 1st logistics hub in France*: 

♦ 2.7 million m² of warehouses in service,
♦ 900,000 m² of warehouses available immediately or in the short term,
♦ 895 ha of land available for medium- and long-term use.
*at 1 January 2018


Zone logistique PLPN1 - Parc Logistique du Pont de Normandie - SDV Logistique Internationale - Stockespace - Dresser Rand - Daher International

- Multi-sectoral expertise: manufactured products, Wood, Chemicals, Exceptional packages, E-commerce, Large retailers, Toys, Luxury and cosmetics, Food products, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Second-hand, electric & new vehicles and Automotive equipment etc.
- A wide range of value-added services
- A land and real estate offer that adapts to all your projects


HAROPA, the solution for all your logistics projects

The advantages for your establishment in or near a seaport area:

♦ Exceptional HAROPA maritime offer, the 1st north-west European port complex reached by imports and the last for exports;
♦ Proximity to the multimodal terminal:
♦ Possibility of buffer stocks on the multimodal platform,
♦ Availability of empty containers, container services (cleaning etc) ;
♦ Competitiveness, availability and qualification of the local logistics workforce; 
♦ Attractive taxation;
♦ Accessibility: non-congestion of ports and roads
♦ Dense fabric of industrial and logistics players located on the Seine Axis 
♦ Reduction of container detention costs & optimization of parking franchises 
♦ A single centre for all goods controls (PIF - PEC - Customs)
♦ Safety-Security: 134 dedicated agents -> unique service in France and 17 restricted access zones spread over the entire port area (preventive checks and searches, 24/7 patrols, remote control and video protection)

Manutention dans un entrepôt

Logistical and operational assets

♦ Diversity of the multimodal transport offer 
♦ Customs and tax facilities
♦ Expert support: personalized advice to HAROPA in partnership with ISEL and CRITT
♦ A wide range of implementation aids

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