HAROPA - Port du Havre is committed to biodiversity

HAROPA - Port du Havre voluntarily acts throughout its territory to promote the preservation and maintenance of living environments, species and diversity within each species.
- Port du Havre

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The Seine estuary represents an exceptionally rich ecosystem with:

  • more than 700 plant taxa
  • more than 300 bird species observed
  • no less than 9 species of amphibians

HAROPA - Port du Havre is responsible for the management and preservation of natural areas on its territory. The establishment is implementing a Biodiversity Action Plan, a real strategy for managing and developing undeveloped areas.

Five main lines of action: 

  • taking biodiversity into account in maintenance or development practices
  • conservation and restoration of biodiversity
  • raising awareness among stakeholders and occupants
  • monitoring and participation in the preservation of the Seine estuary
  • sharing of knowledge acquired on the territory

These five lines of action give rise to a panoply of 27 activities involving HAROPA - Port du Havre, about a quarter of whose territory is exclusively devoted to the environment.