As the real operational heart of port activity, the Harbour Master's Office is a key player in the maritime efficiency of HAROPA - Port du Havre.
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The Harbour Master's Office ensures continuous control of maritime navigation:


  • traffic forecasting,
  • traffic control,
  • placement of ships at dockside,
  • navigational aids,
  • radar coverage,
  • radio links,
  • information collection and dissemination,
  • coordination of operations,
  • remote control of peripheral equipment.

The Harbour Master's Office regulates the order of entry and exit of ships and all navigation movements in the port. Equipped with the most advanced equipment, it is based on full radar coverage of the approach area, channel and basins. It offers a navigation assistance service during channelling and provides information on ship visits (SWING) via the Internet. The Harbour Master's Office is also responsible for policing water bodies, monitoring hazardous goods and organizing pollution response measures.

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