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HAROPA - first French port system

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HAROPA - a new port leader

HAROPA - the alliance of the great seaport of Le Havre, the great seaport of Rouen and the autonomous port of Paris was created in 2012 with the objective of forming a port system of European dimensions in the field of industry, logistics and tourism at the service of its customers.

In fact, the leading French port system with, in 2020, 75 Mt of maritime traffic and more than 33 million tonnes of river traffic, HAROPA rates 5th in the North Range. Within this extremely competitive area, the ports of the Seine axis had to stand out.

The creation of HAROPA was indeed a turning point and allowed us to stand out from the competition. This major development was almost unanimously welcomed by institutional and economic actors at the French level. HAROPA has also quickly gained notoriety at the European and even global level, and has won several prizes awarded by the specialized press in Europe and Asia for its performance and its environmental policy.

HAROPA - a force at the service of its customers

HAROPA's strength lies in its ability to improve the competitiveness and visibility of the Seine Valley port system for the benefit of its customers by pooling the resources of the three port authorities and addressing matters on the right scale: for industrial and logistics facilities at the scale of a production and consumption basin of more than 14 million inhabitants representing 30% of France's GDP, for goods flows at the West European scale.

HAROPA is also a one-stop shop that identifies and offers its customers and prospects the best possible solutions. To do this, internationally, HAROPA has a network of representatives in China, South Korea, India, Japan, Brazil and the United States.

HAROPA, an import/export solution that is both efficient and environmentally friendly

Choosing HAROPA means choosing:

  • A maritime transport offer to the highest European standard with more than 600 ports affected worldwide and nearly 3,200 commercial service offers in 2020 for containers and Ro-Ro traffic; all the global shipping alliances present; a port accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; the first port in the North Range reached by imports and the last port reached by exports.
  • A rich and diversified land and real estate offer with nearly 6,000 hectares of land from Le Havre to Paris dedicated to port, industrial and logistics activities; turnkey warehouse projects carried out by leading real estate developers (PROLOGIS, PANHARD, VAILOG-SEGRO); land availability for new logistics and industrial sites.
  • A growing multimodal offer for inland waterways and railways. For combined transport, 10 river terminals in 5 regions (Normandy, Ile-de-France, Hauts de France, Grand Est, Bourgogne Franche-Comté) served by 40 weekly river services and 15 destinations in Europe served directly by 60 weekly rail lines.
  • A new generation digital offer with the cargo community system S)One to dematerialize information exchanges between all players in the transport chain and customs; open to importer-exporters, accessible everywhere, 100% mobile, S)ONE generates productivity gains and increased fluidity throughout the chain.
  • Choosing HAROPA also means becoming part of an exemplary environmental approach that has been recognized by the international press as the "Best Green Sea Port in the world" in Shanghai.
  • HAROPA's environmental policy is characterized by the systematic search to have the least environmental impact and the implementation of effective and ambitious solutions for the protection of natural environments and the enhancement of city-port interfaces in their social and urban dimensions.