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During the Inter-Ministerial Committee for the Sea (CIMER) last November, the government decided to integrate the ports of Le Havre, Rouen and Paris into a single public port establishment on the Seine.

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On 7 February 2019, the Prime Minister announced the appointment of Catherine RIVOALLON as the first head of this new ensemble. Catherine RIVOALLON, currently Chair of the Board of Directors of Ports of Paris, is an expert in the logistics sector, supply chain management in international environments and attentive to sustainable development issues.

To carry out her mission successfully, Catherine Rivoallon will rely on the management teams and all the employees of the three ports, as well as on a prefiguration committee chaired by Valérie Fourneyron. This committee will include Thierry TUOT, State Councillor, Gilles BELIER, Lawyer, member of the High Council for Social Dialogue, as well as Emmanuèle Perron and Frédéric Henry, Presidents of the Supervisory Boards of the ports of Le Havre and Rouen respectively.

This "new single port complex" will collectively have to be better integrated into the organisation of major international maritime transport flows and the implementation of efficient and innovative logistics chains, which are essential for the development of our industry, our exports and the attractiveness of the territories and employment.

2019 review

With a total of 90 million tonnes of maritime traffic over the year, 2019 saw a 5% drop in maritime traffic, due to solid and liquid energy bulk due to both technical shutdowns on the Seine Valley refining units and the prospect of the end of activity at the Le Havre coal-fired power plant.With a total of 2.9 million TEUs, container shipping was down 3.5% despite the good performance of hinterland traffic, which remained stable over the year, while December was clearly impacted by the social conflict linked to pension reform.

On the other hand, cereal exports grew strongly with the second-best performance of the last 20 years, up 9.3% to 8.3 million tonnes.

2019 also saw a sharp increase in river traffic driven mainly by maritime and urban containers, the construction sector engaged in the construction sites of Greater Paris and grain exports. With more than 25 million tonnes handled in Ile-de-France, river port activity had not reached this level since 1992.