In addition to the initial stimulus measures taken at HAROPA business club Signature of an exceptional local agreement in Le Havre

On 2 March, HAROPA - Port of Le Havre and the main players in the port economy signed an agreement to recover the activity following the social movements that disrupted the transport chain during December and January.
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The commercial measures decided by the port take into account the most severely impacted sectors; they are based on the principle of sharing the extra costs in a collective investment approach to create a real "recovery shock".

Container sector

The signatories agree to cover the additional storage costs of containers on Le Havre’s terminals:

  • Import container storage costs(1): neutralisation of storage costs for 14 days with no port activity (between 5 December 2019 and 31 January 2020), corresponding to 100 000 containers or €30 per day per container. HAROPA - Port of Le Havre is contributing to €18/container and terminal operators €12/container. This measure represents a new investment of 3 million euros.
  • Export container storage costs(2): bilateral commercial measures will be proposed to shipping companies which could not have benefited from the port duty reduction measure applied on 31 January(3).

Ro-ro sector

Measures to boost ro-ro activity to support the development of the port of Le Havre are being discussed with sector stakeholders.

Services to ships

The Pilotage, Towing and mooring Services have commonly decided to apply a 10% discount to any new service calling to Le Havre for the period from 1 April to 31 December 2020. This commercial measure concerns containerships and ro-ro vessels.

This arrangement will complement the initial measures announced on 5 February for shipping lines. The package allows the financial effort of the port of Le Havre to reach more than 6 million euros and thus sends a strong signal of collective mobilisation aimed at companies in the international transport chain.

This agreement is signed by:

  • HAROPA - Port du Havre, represented by Baptiste MAURAND, Chairman of the Managing Board and Chief Executive Officer.
  • The Maritime and Port Union (UMEP), represented by its President Michel SEGAIN.
  • The Union of Freight Forwarders and Customs Brokers of Le Havre (STH), represented by its President Jean-Louis LE YONDRE.
  • TLF Overseas represented by its President Herbert de SAINT SIMON
  • TN GROUP represented by its CEO Christian de TINGUY.
  • GMP represented by its CEO Louis JONQUIERE.  CNMP represented by its CEO Roger CAVELIER.
  • Le Havre-Fécamp Pilot Station, represented by its President Gilles LANFRANCHI
  • Boluda Towing represented by its director of operations Charles BOUTRY
  • The cooperative society of mooring of Havre-Antifer represented by its President Ludovic PERROUELLE

"By collectively adopting these exceptional measures, we want to send a clear, direct message: together, we are reaffirming the will of the port of Le Havre to serve all our customers, beyond the cyclical fluctuations, and thus restore confidence, allowing us to quickly regain our development dynamics."
Baptiste MAURAND, CEO of HAROPA - Port du Havre

"The local agreement proves once again the willingness of Le Havre’s stakeholders to help companies which have been impacted by the social conflicts. This action is important and significant."
Michel SEGAIN, President of the Maritime and Port Union.

"The STH would like to acknowledge port stakeholders for the agreements undertaken for the benefit of freight representatives for container and vehicle activities. We believe that this new effort, which has been increased to more than 3 million euros, fully satisfies the Freight Forwarders’ Union and its members. We also welcome the fact that export parking charges are being dealt with in the coming days through bilateral agreements, which will be negotiated between the Port of Le Havre and the shipowners."
Jean Louis LE YONDRE, President of STH

"It is by working and negotiating together that we, the freight stakeholders, are starting to come out of the crisis for our sector, which has been severely impacted since 5 December 2019.
TLF Overseas welcomes the compromise reached between public and private players in Le Havre. The lasting impact of recent social movements will require a general mobilisation by everyone to regain the trust of customers using the port of Le Havre. The situation to date shows that a return to normal will take time, especially because of the still sporadic movements and congested terminals." Herbert de SAINT SIMON, President of TLF Overseas

This exceptional agreement is the marker of a united and reactive port looking to the future, notwithstanding the difficult moments: A clear and coordinated answer that demonstrates the determination and involvement of all its stakeholders and aims to restore confidence in clients.
The port services of Piloting, mooring, towning, members of the GHAAM are fully in line with this action by contributing their contributions.”
Gilles LANFRANCHI, Vice-president of GHAAM


(1) responsibility of freight forwarders and importers.
(2) responsibility of shipowners.
(3) particularly shipowners who load their containers onto third-party vessels, as part of maritime alliances.