Maritime access channel improvement

Navires aux silos de Rouen

In order to meet the major challenges of the upgrading of the worldwide bulk vessel fleet and the development of the international trade flows, HAROPA - Port of Rouen has made the important decision to improve its shipping access as well as the sailing conditions for users.
The completion of the project will allow HAROPA - Port of Rouen to accommodate new-generation vessels and to perpetuate the development of the industrial and port activities.
The project of maritime access channel improvement also meets the environmental stakes contributing to the growth of shipping.

Key figures of the project :

  • 120 km of navigation channel between Honfleur and Rouen
  • 1 m additional draught, sailing up and downstream
  • 7 Million cu. m. of dredged sediment including 3.5 Mcu. m. of recycled sediment

To know more about the project

Have a look at the 2nd information letter about the project