Activity Report

2017 was a very important year for HAROPA - Port of Rouen, both for its competitiveness and pulling power. The last phase of the port's shipping lane improvement program, which started in 2012, has been launched. In-depth dredging and sediment reclamation, modernization of wharves and terminals, various environmental support measures, to name but a few, are all projects that by the end of 2018, with the adaptation of our port's infrastructures, will enable us to berth deeper draught vessels with optimized services.
Thanks to an investment program of €30 million, HAROPA - Port of Rouen has given itself the means to realise its ambitions. The results, to support the development of traffic - over and above the improvement of its shipping lanes - the Port of Rouen has rehabilitated its infrastructures. Example include the modernization of the wharf used by Borealis in Grand-Quevilly and the dredging of the dry dock of the Robust sugar terminal in Rouen. This investment budget will double in 2018.

Traffic was affected by the failure in the 2016-2017 grain crop. However, backed by the good harvest in 2017-2018, in quality as well as in quantity, HAROPA - Port of Rouen remains the #1 grain port in West Europe. In addition, excluding grain, the result for the past year was an increase of 1.7%.

2017 was also marked by the ISO 14001 certification of the environmental management system of HAROPA - Port of Rouen, which represents a real recognition of our internal skills, as well as the involvement and the efforts of the teams concerned.

Finally, the new Machu dumping site for dredged sediments went into operation. It takes over from that of Kannik, used since 1977 and which has arrived at saturation. This successful project is a reflection of the 2017 programmes of HAROPA - Port of Rouen; it allows all of our facilities to be operational in order to accommodate our high-growth business in 2018 and the years to come.