Record grain season at the Port of Rouen

With 9.1 Mt grains exported, regardless of type, HAROPA - Port of Rouen achieves the best grain season of its history. The last record dated to 1999/2000 where the exported volumes in grains and protein crops reached 9.03 Mt.

For the grains, the 2015-2016 season of HAROPA - Port of Rouen just ended on an excellent vintage with a total traffic of 8.83 million tonnes (Mt). A result which is very close to the historic grain record of 8.9 Mt made in 1984-1985. Rouen thus strengthens its rank as # 1 West-European grain port. “It is a very positive fiscal year as Rouen gets back market shares this year, analyses Manuel Gaborieau, sales representative of the agri-food sector of HAROPA. “It was also a very active season from the beginning to the end, without break between the shipments, with a record month in March of more than one million tonnes exported”.

The diversification of the destinations goes on

This grain season was marked by a high concentration of the shipments to a few countries. Thus, the three first destinations of the Port of Rouen that are Algeria, Morocco and China, amount to a total volume of 6.8 Mt. Other regular destinations as Egypt or Saudi Arabia are also present this year. Furthermore, the diversification of the destinations has continued with wheat volumes exported to Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia or even barley to Jordan. Finally, note that the shipments to West Africa are increasing by 44% to 386,000 tonnes, when those to the European Union only reached 113,000 tonnes, due to a good European crop in the summer 2015.

Four hundred grain vessels accommodated

Céréalier au Port de RouenBy cargo, the barleys with 2.374 Mt exported reached the higher level ever achieved in Rouen, the wheat totaled up 6.43 Mt and the other grains represented less than 20,000 t. For the other grains, the figures are increasing by 51% for the protein crops (183,000 t) due to the pea exportations to India, and by 79% for the rapeseed exportations to 93,000 t. In the end, about 400 grain vessels stopped this year on all the terminals of Rouen including more than fifty Panamax.
The very high demand recorded throughout the season fully mobilised all the port silos of Rouen that were able to put in place the human and logistics means necessary to meet this demand, thus showing the reaction capability of the community of Rouen and confirming its
effectiveness and competitiveness regarding logistics. Besides, these same operators continued the development of mass transport modes via rail or river shuttles as well as investing into their equipments to prepare the future.

The main destinations of the season :

  • Algeria: 3.5 Mt
  • Morocco: 2.1 Mt
  • China: 1.2 Mt
  • Egypt: 285,000 t
  • Saudi Arabia: 269,000 t
  • Mexico: 212,000 t
  • Tunisia: 186,000 t
  • Thailand: 165,000 t
  • Jordan: 120,000 t
  • Gabon: 102,000 t
  • Senegal: 97,000 t