Key facts and figures

HAROPA - Port of Le Havre, leading marketplace for foreign trade and shipping in France

  • Le Havre, leading container port in France.
  • As a major port in Western Europe with direct connections to the largest consumer market in France and the centre of Europe, HAROPA - Port of Le Havre is an extraordinary window onto the world.
  • More than 6,000 port calls each year or the arrival and departure of some thirty seagoing vessels every day
    - Nearly 40% are container ships,  
    - 35% are bulk carriers,
    - 10% are ferries,
    - and 10% are Ro-Ro ships
  • Recognized advantages for shipping: berthing in all tidal conditions, 24h/7, berths for ships of all sizes and all types of draught.
  • Shipping connections to every continent and more than 500 ports worldwide.
  • 1,000 companies involved in shipping, port and industrial activities.
  • 32,000 jobs directly related to port activities, 16,500 jobs in the port, and as many jobs in industry 
  • Effective environmental action.

Summary review and analysis for 2015

  • Leading container port for French foreign trade
  • Leading port worldwide for wine and spirits
  • Leading French port for the import and export of new vehicles
  • 2nd largest supply port for crude oil for the French domestic market
  • 5th largest port in northern Europe
  • ISO 28000 "security" certified