Harbour Master’s office

The Harbour Master’s office ensures continuous control of shipping: 

  • traffic forecasts,
  • traffic control,
  • berthing of ships in dock,
  • navigational aids,
  • radar coverage,
  • radio links,
  • collection and dissemination of information,
  • coordination of operations,
  • remote control of ancillary equipment.

The Harbour Master’s office controls the order of entry and exit of shipping and all navigation movements within the port. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, it provides total radar coverage of the approach area, the channel and the docks. It offers a support service for shipping during fairway navigation and provides information via the Internet about port calls by ships [vessel traffic management (VTM)]. The Harbour Master’s office is also in charge of the port police, monitoring hazardous goods and organizing spill control responses and resources.

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