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The environmental policy of the

The GPMH port precincts cover part of the Seine estuary, its sea outlet and extend towards the North along the Caux area coastline up to Antifer. These areas are sensitive wholes to various extents, environmentally speaking. In addition, there are significant environmental challenges locally. They mainly concern, among others, water quality, air quality or even the fight against climate change.

In order to meet its assignment which includes all the challenges of sustainable development and in order to cope with the need of having a consistent management of all these environmental challenges, the GPMH implements an environmental policy which focuses on its own business, according to the following lines:

  • Respect the regulations applicable and monitor them,
  • Regularly re-study the environmental objectives and the related action plans by establishing environmental diagnoses for its sites and activities,
  • Design and conduct the development projects necessary to the continuous adaptation of its heritage integrating dialogue and the environment right from the start,
  • Control the impact of its activities upon the environment while also seeing to it to equip with the necessary means to prevention and management of the pollutions and the environmental crises,
  • Preserve and manage the natural areas it is fully entrusted with,
  • Regularly communicate on the environmental impacts of its activities and the means used for continuous improvement of its environmental performance.

The GPMH is furthermore anxious to work with the stakeholders of the port community by :

  • Placing the operations of industrial and port development into their environment and favouring environmentally-friendly practices and technologies,
  • Encouraging the good environmental practices of the stakeholders of the port community.

This environmental policy relies upon an Environmental Management System (E.M.S) which is built consistently with the Management System via Quality and thus forms part of an overall approach of continuous improvement.

In other respects, the Grand Port Maritime du Havre commits itself within HAROPA to carry on considering the environment at the level of the Seine corridor in an active and coordinated way.

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