HAROPA again rewarded for environmental action

On November 16th in Antwerp (Belgium), a panel of port professionals invited by the International Bulk Journal - IBJ (*) – awarded the trophy « Environmental Protection Award» to HAROPA. This recognition once again confirms the commitment of the three ports on the Seine corridor to the environment.

Five months after being elected ‘Best Green Port in the world’ by Asian professionals, HAROPA is again rewarded for its environmental action. Under the common banner of HAROPA, the three ports on the Seine corridor were indeed presented with the prize « Environmental Protection Award », on last Monday, November 16th. After receiving the IBJ Award of « Best Dry Bulk Port » in 2012 and 2013, HAROPA, the largest French port system, now ranks among the most environment-friendly ports.

“I am very honoured to receive the IBJ Environmental Protection Award, granted for the first time to HAROPA, underlined Nicolas Occis, CEO of the Port of Rouen and President of HAROPA. “This reward emphasizes the central place occupied by environmental stakes among the concerns of each of our ports. We pay very careful attention to them, whether it is in the design of our projects, the management of the wild green areas under our responsibility or even the support given to consolidated modes to connect our ports.” Nicolas Occis thanked the team of the International Bulk Journal for this prize, associating this new reward with “all staff of the HAROPA port complex as well as action taken by our customers”.

HAROPA marks the year of the environment

Together with the trophy «Best Green Port in the world » awarded in June 2015 to HAROPA by the Asian professionals, this new distinction highlights the quality of the environmental initiatives boosted by HAROPA which focus on three main strands: promoting virtuous logistics solutions such as multimodality, on-going efforts to reduce the impact of port and logistics activities and, lastly, strengthening the integration of the three ports in their natural and urban environment.

It’s worth reminding that, within the scope of COP21, HAROPA has launched an approach labelled « PARIS CLIMATE 2015 ». All year through, the three ports have collected ‘Climate Solutions’ devised in the transport and logistics sector along the Seine corridor. Twenty-one initiatives launched by companies, institutions, research centres, local authorities and associations to fight against climate change have been selected and will be promoted during the United Nations Conference on Climate in Paris.

About HAROPA - HAROPA, the 5th largest port complex in Northern Europe, is a joint venture between the ports of Le Havre, Rouen and Paris. It is connected to every continent owing to a first-rate international shipping offer (linking 600 ports worldwide). It serves a vast hinterland whose core is in the Seine valley and the Paris region forming the biggest French consumer market area. With around 10 Normandy and Paris area partner ports, the "one-stop" hub now forms in France a global transport and logistics system, capable of providing a comprehensive end-to-end service. HAROPA handles over 120 million tons of cargo by sea and waterway each year. HAROPA business represents 160,000 jobs.

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