GENERAL CABLE committed to sustainable development

From 5 to 14 December, an operation of sustainable development took place along the Seine corridor: twenty very high voltage wire drums sailed the Seine river from the French production site of the General Cable located in Montereau-Fault-Yonne (‘Seine et Marne’ area) to Le Havre.

So far, General Cable, the leader in cable and wire manufacturing, was mainly shipping this kind of cargo from the French site to the port of Antwerp. In a concern to preserve the environment, the company is interested by the river transport solution to Le Havre. This approach lies within the scope of the enforcement of the Label “Responsible Supplier Relationships” awarded to General Cable and its French subsidiary (Silec Cable SAS) in 2013. As part of this framework, the company implements objectives for Responsible Purchasing. HAROPA, via LOGIYONNE has been selected further to a bid which was subjected to a multi-criteria analysis, taking into account the quality, safety and security, environment and CSR aspects (Corporate Social Responsibility). The principle of river transport to Le Havre has then fully met the defined targets. On Friday, December 5th, the shipment (600 tons, 1,260 sq. m.) left the factory of wires located in Montereau-Fault-Yonne to go to the port of Le Havre in two days’ time (navigation over the week-end). From there, the twenty drums put out to sea on December 14th, bound for Irapuato (Mexico). The wire drums will be offloaded there to equip very high voltage lines.

Less CO2

The operation, the navigation of which took place during the week-end over 464 km on the Seine river between the HAROPA ports of Montereau-Fault-Yonne and Le Havre, posts a convincing carbon assessment. The barge trip makes it possible to reduce by 30 %:
- the CO2 emissions (4,240 kg CO2 eq. instead of 6,190 by road),
- the cost for the community: € 720 instead of € 980 in terms of air pollution, greenhouse effect, congestion, non-safety and noise,
- the fuel use (1,620 liters, instead of 2,360 liters by road).

A new quayside berth for heavy lifts
This spectacular transfer was made by the multimodal operator, LOGIYONNE and the industrial logistics company, ALTEAD. Both companies have decided to work together to promote their synergies of modal transfer actions on the Seine corridor from Montereau-Fault-Yonne.
It’s worth reminding that LOGIYONNE operates a weekly river service from the Port of Gron (Burgundy) bound for Le Havre. “Montereau terminal is fully included in the logistics scheme of our river service, says Didier Mercey, Logiyonne President. For us, it’s a new port call, which completes our trades between Burgundy and Le Havre. As experts in heavy lift transportation, we thus open our service to all industrialists wishing to switch their road haulage trades to the river and the Northern ports to Le Havre. Our commitment is based upon service quality, competitiveness and sustainable development”.

“Waterway is ideal”
According to Patrick Maletras, CEO of TRAMAR company and President of the « Heavy lift and project cargo » committee of the Port of Le Havre Authority (Grand Port maritime du Havre), “Waterway is the ideal means for companies specializing in cable work but also sheet metal work or in siting industrial units ; streamlined regulations, flexibility in use of river terminals and a regular service provide optimal transport conditions; these conditions make it possible to re-schedule production whose transport times cannot be shortened by other logistics means which require escorts or interventions for dismantling/reassembly of catenaries or phone and wire cables.”
According to Hervé Cornède, HAROPA Commercial and Marketing Director, “if HAROPA has become an essential link of this « heavy lift logistics chain », it’s mainly thanks to its cargo-handling capacity which enables the port complex to develop a tailor-made service”. 25 to 1,000-ton loads can thus be handled. “The complete solution provided by HAROPA is performed by all specialized partners: freight forwarders, customs, river charterers, carriers, goods handlers, lifting and crane service providers”.
Many companies strengthen their industrial projects by resorting to the services and infrastructure of HAROPA ports to export or import all types of goods.

Heavy-lift and Out-Of-Gauge loads; HAROPA solutions
- 3 heavy lifts per day
- 27 berths for heavy lifts: Le Havre: 13 berths; Rouen: 5 berths; Paris: 9 berths.
- The Seine corridor provides permanent free traffic flow 7 days/7 and reduces unexpected events
- Streamlined regulations
- Being sure that any type of load is accepted with no weight and volume limits, with lo-lo and ro-ro handling.