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HAROPA: a joint product offering to put the range of services provided by the ports of “Paris Seine Normandie” on an equal standing with the largest port complexes in Europe.

  • Containers

    • #1 French port for containers

    • 120 Mt of seaborne and river traffic

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  • Food products

    • #1 European port for grain exports

    • #1 port worldwide for wine and spirit exports

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  • Out-of-gauge cargo

    • 2 out-of-gauge loads shipped via the river Seine every day

    • 28 specially-equipped berths on the Seine artery

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  • Eco-industries and recyclable products

  • Civil engineering / Construction materials

    • 50 million tonnes of aggregates used each year along the Seine Valley

    • 60% of the aggregates used are shipped to the Paris area by river transport

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  • Motor vehicles

    • #1 French port for the import and export of new vehicles

    • 341,000 vehicles in 2012

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  • Logistics and distribution

    • #1 French logistics hub

    • 2.6 million sq. m of warehouses available in 2012

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  • Passenger transport

    • 9 million passengers a year

    • #1 inland port in the world for river tourism

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  • Conventional bulk

  • Chemicals

  • Land and real estate

    • #1 industrial region in France

    • 160,000 direct and indirect jobs

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  • Nous voyons Haropa comme un signe positif de développement

    Laurent MARTEL Directeur Général
    Laurent MARTEL
  • Le rôle d'HAROPA est très fort, c'est un partenaire de poids pour développer notre activité

    Bruno HUVELIN Directeur
  • HAROPA-Port du Havre expertise and professionalism are very useful in wine transport

    Eang-Hy UY